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Baraka Consulting
Baraka Enterprise Consulting is a wholly owned division of Baraka Technology Group, and is positioned as a focused business and professional services company.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Baraka provides consultancy services around the Implementation, Support and Upgrade of SAP ERP Installations for major organizations across the different industry sectors. While we will always provide services in the core/back-office areas of SAP, we are currently investing specifically in Business Intelligence, Logistics and Financial Services, as we see these to be key for our customers moving forward. Baraka is an Accredited SAP Business Partner and works closely with SAP Africa and other large consulting houses in this area.

Business Consulting
In order to leverage their investment in technology, customers require a range of services such as Integration, Planning and Management, around the core technologies that they buy or own.

Baraka brings extensive experience and expertise in areas such as IT Strategy, Planning, Governance, Process Improvement and Project Leadership and related Services.  Specifically, Baraka is very strong around consultancy and implementation of IT Service Management based on the ITIL framework.

Change Management and Training
Customers currently understand the inter-relationships between People, Processes and Technology.  At Baraka we believe that if people are sufficiently trained and aligned with business objectives, greater business benefits can be realized.

At Baraka we use proven approaches to Skills Development, Organizational Transformation and Generic Change Management.

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